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Power Girl sucking on her own breast by InCase

Oh Power Girl, why are you so incredibly hot? Is it your giant boobs? It can’t be just that because all superheroines have big knockers. Is it your skimpy costume? Most female superheroes fight crime wearing next to nothing too. So what makes you so special? I know, it’s your giant boobs and your skimpy costume!
I can’t put my finger on what makes Power Girl such a sexual icon but, like most fanboys, I have been jerking off to her since I first learned how! I’m always a fan of InCase’s non-futanari artwork so when I saw he did a Power Girl piece my hand instinctively started unzipping my pants. It’s a good thing I work from home because I don’t think that kind of behavior is looked favorably upon in the work place!
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Machiko Noguchi deep throats a Predator by Lucien

Here’s a really cool and somewhat unexpected rendering by Lucien – Machiko Noguchi, from the original Dark Horse Comics’ Aliens Vs Predator comic series, deep throating an invisible Predator’s huge cock. How’s that for a mouthful? Pun definitely intended. So for those of you who don’t know who Machiko Noguchi is here’s a quick breakdown -
Machiko Noguchi was the administrator on a colonized planet that gets overrun by Aliens and Predators. She saves a Predator and then he saves her at the expense of his life but before he dies he puts a mark on her head that lets every other Predator know she is one of them. Later she actually joins a Predator hunting party which is why when you do a Google image search Machiko Noguchi is usually wearing Predator-armor.
Now you know and knowing is half the battle. The one thing that I have always really loved about Lucien’s artwork is how well he draws semen and semen mixed with saliva. Seriously, I’ve seen badly drawn cum and I can tell you it definitely doesn’t help get me off but Lucien is a fucking master of his craft – Just look at how the Predator semen hangs off her chest and is just barely coming out of her nose.  Awesome!
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Beware The Wrath of Raven by 200Proof

Raven is one Teen Titan you definitely don’t want to piss off. Aaaannnnd that’s all I can really say at this point. I never really thought about it before but I don’t think I know what Raven’s powers are. Weird, I used to watch the Teen Titans cartoon back in the day and I always thought Raven was kinda hot in the comics but I guess I never paid too much attention to her powers…yet somehow I know this rendering fits the character. Man, I’m just striking out here aren’t I?
Regardless of my lack of Teen Titans knowledge this is still a fucking hot pic. First of all, I’ll never over look a well done piece of tentacle hentai especially when the girls being attacked are sex superheroines (especially x 2 when said superheroines are known characters). Second, 200Proof is an amazing artist…’nuff said. I hope you guys enjoy the pic and maybe someone can give me a real quick synopsis of Raven’s powers in return. Thanks!!
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Abu fucking Jasmine in the ass by Alx

I thought it would be fairly appropriate to feature this pic by Alx since I am going to be in Disneyland for the next couple of day…well, maybe “appropriate” isn’t the right word lol. First of all I have to say  that I absolutely love the expression on Abu’s face – fucking hilarious! Alx did an amazing job nailing both character’s likenesses and mimicking the movie’s style yet maintaining his own. I can imagine that none of that is very easy and is a testimony to Alx’s artistic abilities. I know it’s sacrilege but Aladdin isn’t my favorite Disney movie (that distinction goes to Atlantis) but on the other hand Jasmine is one of my favorite Princesses. There’s just something about her that is incredibly sexy…even when she has a monkey cock deep in her ass!
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Scooby-Doo and the gang sexcapades by JJFrenchie

Oh boy, here’s some pretty awesome Scooby-Doo hentai for those of you that are interested (although I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to jerk off to that). JJFrenchie has been peppering Hentai Foundry with almost nothing but Velma and Daphne porn for the past couple of weeks and while most of his illustrations are black and white and kinda sketch booky they are all absolutely amazing. I love his cartoony style and the poses are second to none – Everything just feel so alive and fluid. I have the vague feeling that I have seen JJFrenchie’s work before but I really can’t place it…regardless, he’s on my radar now. Enjoy!
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Cheetara from Thundercats masturbating by Cyberunique

Oh man, I used to have a huge fucking crush on Cheetara back in the day. Growing up in the ’80s we had so many awesome cartoons but Thundercats was definitely at the top of my list of favorites (with G.I. JoeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Real Ghostbusters) mainly because I wanted to have lots and lots of sex with Cheetara. Well, maybe as a kid I didn’t really know I wanted to “have sex” with her per se but she did make me feel all funny in the pants area.
I’m a pretty big fan of Cyberunique and this is probably one of my all time favorite pics by him, in fact  it’s probably the best piece of Cheetara hentai I have ever seen. Sure she isn’t quite as slender as the original design but she’s definitely a hundred times sexier! I haven’t seen the new Thundercats series (on Cartoon Network I believe) so I don’t know how this rendering compares to the current version of Cheetara but if she looks anything like this I may have to start downloading some episodes! Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats. HOOOOOOOOO
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Chun-Li getting her ass fucked by Barlog while he mocks her

Wow…..just, wow…. I really don’t know what to say about this pic lol
Ok, I’ll give it a shot because this is a ‘toon blog and without the words it’s just a TGP site. Apparently the story behind this pic is that the artist, Monkeybeard, discovered that there is a “racist content” tag on Hentai Foundry and wanted to make the most of said tag. Thus we have Barlog fucking Chun-Li in the ass while making horribly racist Asian jokes. I think its pretty fucking funny but what’s weird is that Chun-Li is letting him do it – She’s not tied down or anything. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Monkeybeard’s style is absolutely amazing! Seriously, how can anyone possibly be offended by hentai that’s drawn this good? Someone who has no sense of humor I guess…fuck that noise!
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Sucker Punch Hentai – Baby Doll nude by Ganassa

Here’s something really cool. Ganassa is starting a fan art series of pics based on the lovely ladies from Sucker Punch starting with Baby Doll. Sure the movie was absolutely terrible but the characters were hot as hell. To tell you the truth I am kinda surprised there isn’t more hentai based on the Sucker Punch universe – Maybe so many people, myself included, were disgusted with the movie that they never wanted to think about it again. Whatever the reason, I have no problem jerking off to the characters as long as no one actually makes me watch it ever again. I fucking love Ganassa’s work and can’t wait to see the next girl in the series (I kinda hope it’s Blondie). Keep your eyes peeled!
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Morrigan Aensland showing Shuma-Gorath some love


Artist Spotlight – Kinky Jimmy

Alright, so first of all let’s address the 400 lbs guerrilla in the room – Yes, Kinky Jimmy is primarily known for his shemale hentai but that doesn’t mean he can’t draw a pussy too. is not as widely known as his “other site” but for those of you that love Kinky Jimmy’s ability to draw celebrity likenesses but don’t want the cock this is the site for you.
Just to clarify for those of you that don’t know – Kinky Jimmy has been drawing adult cartoons for a while now and is pretty well known online. Most hentai fans that surf the interwebs on a regular basis have seen his work whether they like shemale (or futanari) porn or not. I figured now was a good time to bring back the “Artist Spotlight” feature on MPL Toons and show everyone that Kinky Jimmy doesn’t just draw chicks with dicks, he also draws chicks getting fucked by dicks!
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Laughing Beauty getting fucked – Animated Reiq .GIF

If you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, beautifully rendered hentai, or both then this animated .GIF is for you! A fan made this using Reiq’s original Laughing Beauty image and a lot of talent. Honestly I have no idea how one makes an animated .GIF from a still image but the proof is in the pudding (no pun intended)? Oh man, I could watch Laughing Beauty get fucked from behind all day long! Of course it doesn’t hurt that I am a huge Metal Gear fan and I absolutely love Reiq’s artwork.
Still, there’s just something very hypnotic about this .GIF…it’s almost as if…someone is controlling…my hand…..must fight it….hand…..masturbating……..
(Lol I never thought I would get to make a gay Liquid Snake/Revolver Ocelot grafted hand reference!)
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Sexy Slaanesh Chaos Marine by G1r0r0

Well this is pretty awesome and timely seeing as how I have been playing Warhammer 40000: Space Marine for the PS3 non-stop since it came out. I can’t help but be oddly aroused right now even though I know that this used to be a dude. I guess Warp energies – and a devotion to Slaanesh, the Chaos God of Lust and Pleasure – will have that effect on a person’s body. Of course there is a slight chance that this might be just a demon wearing Space Marine armor but either way you approach it the final result is boner-inducing. G1r0r0 did a great job taking this unique concept and making it fit the Warhammer universe. Plus look at all the amazing detail on (what little) armor she is wearing – Now that’s what I call attention to detail.
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Intermezzo by ArcturusX1

I have good news and bad news. The good news is this piece titled “Intermezzo” is one of the hottest illustrations ever produced by ArcturusX1. The bad news is it’s apparently his last. Honestly I have no idea why ArcturusX1 has decided to stop producing hentai or (even worse) why he is deleting his Hentai Foundry account and all the pictures on it – it seems a little extreme to me – but in case you missed it here’s what ArcturusX1 has to say.
My friends…thank you for watching the ‘Aileen Show’
Unfortunately, it is time for an indefinite intermission.
In 48 hours, ArcturusX1 will take the long dirt nap and his gallery here will go away forever.
His evil twin(me) will continue drawing/ telling dirty stories about Aileen but only on a very casual, private basis.
The pictures in this gallery can be found elsewhere on the interwebs.
Search: Google Images/arcturusx1
Eventually I may come back but it will be under a different name.
For now, I need to spend more time…
1. Sitting around on my ass drinking beer.
2. Sitting around on my ass reading real books from the library
3. Sitting around on my ass playing games.
4. Sitting around on my ass watching girls(of all ages…yep!).
5. Sitting around on my ass consuming ridiculous quantities of coffee
6. Sitting around on my ass playing guitar and pretending to by a pop star.
7. Sitting around on my ass surfing(in the ocean)
8. Sitting around on my ass driving my car around North America and Canada
9. Sitting around on my ass watching horrifically bad kung fu movies
And lastly but not least…
10. Sitting around on my ass
Aileen is not a copyrighted character…if you want to contribute to her mythos in art or prose, please do so!
Be Well
There you have it. It’s kind of a shame really because he is such an exceptional artist but what can you do right? ArcturusX1 will be missed that’s for sure.

Catherine and Katherine getting fucked by Vincent

I am very surprised that there isn’t more hentai based on the video game Catherine. As mature and sexual as the game itself is you would think more people would want to see Catherine and Katherine getting fucked by Vincent. Thankfully Jizzpope is here to fill the void with these two amazing pieces. Even if you haven’t played the game you can surely appreciate the hotness in front of you. I don’t envy Vincent’s predicament – Does he choose the sexy Catherine (above) over his girlfriend Katherine  (below)? I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t played the game but if you wanna experience something truly unique then Catherine is for you, if not then just sit back and enjoy some beautiful hentai by Jizzpope – Either way it’s a win/win!
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Sexy Jean Grey as Phoenix for XXX-Men by Barton

Talk about a real fire crotch! I don’t know if you should attempt to stick your penis in Jean Grey’s box when she is going full Phoenix unless you are Wolverine and it can grow back.  Maybe this is what happened to Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand…ugh ok, I will never mention that abomination of a movie on MPL Toons ever again.
I stumbled across Barton (via this piece) on Hentai Foundry the other day and I am really glad I did. I love his online comic strip Live Nude Ghouls, it’s really getting me into a Halloween mood right now. His style is very whimsical yet erotic – Not an easy combination to pull off but Barton does it well! An all around fun artist and one I will be keeping my eye on in the future. Make sure you click on the link below to check out his Hentai Foundry portfolio to see pieces that aren’t on Live Nude Ghouls.
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KOS-MOS sucking a huge cock by Cyberunique

Jessica Rabbit riding a giant banana by Oni

Let me start off by saying that I usually don’t like to crop any piece of artwork I feature on MPL Toons but in this case it was necessary – The picture as a whole would have been too small when shrunk down to the thumbnail size and would have lost a lot of the detail. Make sure you click on the image to see the full composition at the highest resolution which is how Oni intended it to be viewed. Now that we have that little disclaimer out of the way lets talk about Jessica Rabbit!
Like most guys I instantly fell in love with Jessica Rabbit after seeing her in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There was (and still is) a universal appeal to her that had grown men falling over themselves after the movie – even my dad was in love with Jessica Rabbit. I credit Who Framed Roger Rabbit for making cartoon porn mainstream, at the very least my parents didn’t think I was weird when they found my stash of adult Aircel comics a couple years later but that’s a story for another day. So how has Jessica held up over the years? Remarkably well considering she made her debut 23 years ago! Thanks to artists like Oni she’s never looked hotter. Long live Jessica Rabbit – I predict another 23 years of hentai and fame for Roger’s wifey.
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Morrigan showing off her huge ass by COSiNE

Well hello there Morrigan’s ass. How are you doing? I wanna stick my penis in you. You probably already knew that though didn’t you? Everyone wants to stick their penis in you. It’s a hard life being Morrigan’s ass isn’t it? Always the center of attention. Well what are you gonna do about it then? Are you gonna conceal yourself in loose-fitting clothes? No you aren’t, you are gonna soak up all that attention until someone comes by and puts a baby in you and you get even bigger but not in a good way. Then where will you be? Nowhere! You’ll be sitting on a park bench eating a hot dog thinking about the good old days when people actually wanted a piece of you but now they just snicker. Enjoy it while you can, Morrigan’s ass!
Ok, enough with the talking-to-Morrigan’s-ass-as-if-it-were-a-person bit, though I’m surprised I was able to draw it out as long as I did. Go me!
COSiNE made his name as a hentai artist that likes to draw curvy women. He also likes to draw extremely detailed gaping vaginas dripping with semen. So if either of those niches appeal to you then look no further. I for one like my cartoon porn on the curvier side of things. How many women do you know that have a perfect physique? Sure it works for characters like Wonder Woman but variety is the spice of life and I like women of all shapes and sizes…except for vaginas, those all need to be one size, small.
As a bonus, here’s a video of COSiNE creating this pic in Photoshop. Enjoy!
[UPDATE] – The video was removed by YouTube. Derp :-/
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The Flash and Wonder Woman have a quickie by Alx

A hot nun sucking two cocks – Moonlighting by InCase


Clarie Redfield bukkakke by Reiq

It looks like Clarie Redfield is taking a much needed break from zombie killing and indulging in, what I can only assume is, her favorite pastime – bukkakkes! Ahhh there’s nothing like seeing a hot videogame chick covered in gallons of semen is there? When you live a high-stress life like Claire Redfield does I can only imagine what kind of sexual stimulation she might need to get off. After killing hordes of the undead I just don’t think your run-of-the-mill missionary position is going to do the trick.
Reiq has produced another outstanding piece of hentai here (which is pretty much par for course with him). Like most of the renderings on his site, JigglyGirls, members get a “clean” and a “wet” version to enjoy. Some of the other pics also have an “x-ray” version too but the “Claire Redfield bukkakke” doesn’t for obvious reasons (there’s no penetration after all). So whether you like your hentai girls covered in cum or not there is something for everyone at JigglyGirls. Enjoy!
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Ms. Marvel ready to get her fucky fucky on by Candle

It’s funny how there is technically no nudity in this picture but yet it’s still hot as fuck. I have a particular fetish and I don’t know what it’s call but basically I love it when I can see a chick’s hard nipples through her shirt – an added bonus if I can make out areola too. I grew up reading a lot of Barry Blair comics so that might have something to do with it (for those that don’t know he liked to draw female characters with huge erect nipples). Everything from the pose to the coloring is absolutely amazing – Candle really took his art to the next level with this piece. And yes, I would use everyone of those condoms on Ms. Marvel if given the chance!
I have to admit this is one of the best female faces I have seen Candle produce. Don’t get me wrong, I love his art style and pretty much every thing he does but I’ll be the first to tell you I don’t like how he  draws female faces. The rendering of Ms. Marvel is a huge step in the right direction though. Having been a fan of Candle since he posted his first pic on Hentai Foundry I can honestly say I have never seen someone constantly strive to improve their craft as much as he does. If Candle keeps working on his faces and maintains the level of quality he is known for I think pretty soon he will be up there in popularity with artists like Oni and JAB.
Click here to see exclusive artwork by Candle at Hentai United
Check out Candle’s personal website – Never Fairies

Play Time With Elastigirl by Azorador

I loved Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) in The Incredibles. She was sexy as hell  and really, how can you not  be turned on by a hot MILF superhero? It’s just not possible! And those hips, oh those awesomely curvy hips. I might have to go back and watch the movie after I write this post. But I digress.
You know what I don’t love though? Elastigirl hentai. I know it’s weird but I don’t really care to see her stretch her limbs and contort into some strange sexual position to the point where she doesn’t look human…until now. This piece by Azorador is probably my favorite Elastigirl fanart I’ve seen to date. There’s just the right amount of contortion to show off her powers while still keeping her sexual. Of course it doesn’t hurt that she is four fingers deep in her pussy which is pretty fucking hot too. I doubt Azorador wants to make a career out of Elastigirl hentai but I wouldn’t mind seeing him create at least one more piece based on Mrs. Parr – He is on a roll after all.
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Vivka as Emma Frost for Cosplay Deviants

X-Men First Class Cosplay Hentai
Busty blonde bombshell Vivka makes her official debut on Cosplay Deviants as Emma Frost and I think I can safely say that this photo set is one of the hottest to date. Seriously, I don’t know how they are going to top this – Vivka is absolutely stunning and a perfect fit as the Hellfire Club’s resident telepathic hotty!
Of course it takes more than a sexy body to be a great cosplayer, you have to nail the character’s attitude and costume as well (the latter being the more difficult part in my opinion). Vivka manages to exude the sex appeal that The White Queen is known for and pulls off an incredibly difficult costume too! I have no idea how long it takes to make an outfit like this but it can’t be easy. Truly an amazing combo which adds up to, as I said before, one of the best photo sets Cosplay Deviants has to offer. I can’t wait to see what Vivka comes up with next.
Click here to see the full photo set of Vivka as Emma Frost for Cosplay Deviants
X-Men First Class Cosplay Hentai

Shaak Ti fingering Ahsoka Tano by Cutepet

Star Wars Clone Wars Hentai
I don’t know if it’s the impending Blu-ray set or the Hentai Foundry contest but there has been a lot of great Star Wars porn lately. The latest one to make my head spin is this lovely illustration by Cutepet featuring Shaak Ti diddling Ahsoka Tano’s very wet pussy. If you actually read MPL Toons then you know by now how much I love Shaak Ti but to be honest that is just the icing on the cake here. It could be Aayla Secura fingering Ahsoka – which would be just as amazing and boner inducing – and I would still get a nose bleed looking at it because Cutepet’s gorgeous style is the real star here. The colors, pose, and composition are all expertly handled with care by this amazing hentai artist. If you ever need a reason to fall in love with Cutepet here it is – In the world of online cartoon porn it doesn’t get much more elegant than this.
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Cheryl and Pam licking jizz off of Lana Kane by Bololo

Cheryl and Pam licking jizz off of Lana Kane by Bololo
Archer on FX is one of my top five favorite cartoons of all time. The art is awesome, the writing is hilarious, and the voice acting is phenomenal – Come on, how can you go wrong with H. Jon Benjamin and Aisha Tyler? On top of all the things I just listed I must admit that I have a HUGE crush on Lana Kane. There really needs to be more hentai based on ISIS’ sexy-secret-agent-with-giant-hands. That’s where Bololo comes in – He’s been consistently producing awesome Archer hentai and Flash animations lately. This piece is my current favorite because, lets be honest, you really can’t go wrong showing Lana’s big tits covered in cum. I could do without Pam in the pic but at least you can’t see too much of her fat body lol Thanks for keeping the Archer hentai flowing, Bololo!
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Black Cat covered in cum by Skottichan

Felicia Hardy hentai
Wow, that’s a lot of cum dumped on Black Cat’s face and tits. Peter Parker must have been letting that build up for a while now! Honestly, if given the choice between Felicia Hardy and Mary Jane I would pick…BOTH. Good god, how can you choose just one? One of Spidey’s villains has to have some sort of mind control device he can use to get them both in the sack at once.
Sure there are a million Black Cat fan-art pics out there but this one by Skottichan really caught my eye. I love her unique style and the coloring is outstanding but what really made me take notice was how well she rendered the cum. I’ve heard other artists complain how hard it is to make semen look natural – I’ve seen some bad hentai cum in my time – but Skottichan absolutely nailed it. She’s open for commissions so if you like what you see here make sure you hit her up because talent like this shouldn’t be wasted flipping burgers!
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Viking panty raid by ArcturusX1

Viking panty raid by Arcturus
I’ve been a fan of Arcturus for a while now because lets be honest, there is truly no other artist like him. Granted he does like to draw thick girls – not fat mind you but thick – so I know he is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you happen to like women with a figure and not the body of a 12 year old  then you should check out Arcturus. Another reason I don’t feature his illustrations too often is because he usually works in black and white which doesn’t make a big impact online but, fuck it, Arcturus’ black and white drawings are just as vibrant and beautiful as any color illustration. He really knows how to make the characters pop off the screen as you can see from this example. If you don’t get what I am saying let me spell it out – You need to be following Arcturus because he is truly a one-of-a-kind hentai artist.

Bloodrayne POV blowjob by Eveningsky

Jedi Master Shaak Ti nude in a grassy meadow by Saniika

Ok, I know I should have added this pic to the previous Star Wars babes post but I just couldn’t in good conscious NOT feature the image by itself. Seriously, it’s just too fucking amazing for words! And besides, MPL Toons is my blog so I can do what I want.
First of all I have to admit that I am a huge Shaak Ti fan. Even though she had very little screen time in the new Star Wars trilogy (like most characters) I still found myself drawn to her. Shaak Ti’s character design is super sexy in my opinion. So of course I was excited when I heard that she was going to be in the first Force Unleashed game but then I was sad when I had to kill her. Sigh. I never got to stick my penis in her red pussy :(
This rendering of Shaak Ti by Saniika might just be the best I have ever seen based on the character. The watercolors are absolutely gorgeous, the pose and body type is realistic and natural, and the line work is very tight and controlled. If I were voting in the Hentai Foundry contest this piece would be the clear winner. Good luck, Saniika, I hope you win!
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It’s good to be the God of War

If I were Kratos this is how I would spend every moment of the day. What good is it to be the God of War, or any god for that matter, if you can’t spend eternity with big titty sluts giving you blowjobs and  shoving the huge knockers in your face? There has to be some sort of reward for taking down that douche Ares other than sitting on your throne and wallowing in your own crapulence.
I love the God of War series, it’s on par with Metal Gear Solid in my opinion. I have played every single God of War game, including the PSP ones, and I even beat GoW1 on god mode (one of my crowning achievements in life). That being said I have never felt the desire to look for hentai featuring characters from the series – maybe because most of the females are half naked anyways – so I don’t know how much is out there but this piece certainly caught my eye. I just recently got into Cyberunique (his official website is HentaiTNA) and I must say, he is rocking my world right now with content like this. Check him out if you like video game and anime inspired hentai featuring chicks with big tits and big asses!
Click here to see more videogame hentai by Cyberunique at HentaiTNA

Joan Holloway playing with herself by Ultra Fem

I was a fan of Christina Hendricks before I saw my first episode of Mad Men. Yes she was on Firefly but that is not what I am referring to – I didn’t start watching Mad Men until season 3 was already out and I could catch up with DVD. By then everyone was talking about the show and some insanely busty character named “Joan Holloway”. I saw pics of Christina Hendricks on all the normal gossip blogs, most of whom called her “fat” but I didn’t see that…I saw female perfection. Here’s the deal, I don’t dig skinny chicks – I like women with curves and big boobs, both of which Christina Hendricks’ has in spades. I’m glad Ultra Fem feels the same way since there aren’t any nude pics of the actress floating around the interwebs (that I can find at least) this image is the closest I will come to seeing those monster boobs exposed to the world. Thank you Ultra Fem, you’re my hero.
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Hentai Foundry Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe Contest – My favorite Star Wars entries

In case you don’t frequent Hentai Foundry there is a Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe contest currently underway where to winner gets $250.00. Not bad! If you are an artist and want to submit your work you still have time because the deadline is August 8th, 2011. Here’s the official contest thread – Star Wars/Mass Effect Babe Contest
The reason I am dedicating this post to promoting the Hentai Foundry contest (I am not associated with the site but I do support them) is because I love Star Wars hentai. I grew up watching, loving, and jerking off to Star Wars chicks. The more artists that create images for the contest the more pics I have to jerk off to. It’s as simple as that!
Here are my favorite pics from the contents so check them out after the jump. Since there is still time left I might add more as they pop up. Enjoy!
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Giant lesbian superhero sex by InCase

As you may (or may not) be able to tell from the title of this post I don’t really know how to classify this piece. Is the white chick a giant superheroine and the blue one is normal sized (and the room is big to accomidate the giant) or is the big one normal and the blue babe is “shrunken” like Ant-Man? I have no idea but what I do know is this pic is FUCKING AWESOME! InCase is quickly becoming one of my favorite hentai artists working today and this is piece is a prime example why – He can make any concept hot as hell. Click on the image above (it takes you to his blog) and check out the full sized pic to see the detailing and coloring that is lost here. Only then will you really appreciate why I think InCase is truly a master of his craft. Excelsior!
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A savage Jedi posing nude after slaying a Krayt Dragon

I guess its no secret that I’m a big Star Wars fan, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But whenever I see/read/play anything Star Wars one thing is going through my mind… I wonder what those Jedi babes look like under their robes. Miravi brings us this hot picture of a savage young Jedi Knight relaxing in the raw after a kill. You’ve got to wonder what wonderful thoughts were running through people’s minds when they saw a naked badass with lightsabers stalking a dragon through the desert. Now thats a scene!
One of the things I really like about this pic is the chick’s tattoos, and how they rather than hair are what covers her pussy. It really adds to the aura of lust surrounding her nudity. Definately a great picture by Miravi.
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Mona Lisa with big tits by Balsamique

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to Hentai Foundry today and came across this take on the Mona Lisa by Balsamique. While not quite hentai it’s more of a pinup style illustration dedicated to Da Vinci’s masterpiece…only with bigger tits. Honestly I never thought I would be aroused by the Mona Lisa but here we are.
I hadn’t seen anything by Balsamique until now but judging by his portfolio if you are into huge tits then he is the artist for you! Seriously, this guy knows how to illustrate boobs. You know how chicks with monster tits have areola’s that aren’t clean circles but are sort of speckled? Yea, Balsamique draws them like that – Check out his Cinderella piece to see what I am talking about. I’m definitely digging his style and I suggest adding him to your watch list especially if you like huge boobs.
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Ashana fucking herself with her Omnitool by Bloodfart

Rocket from Sucker Punch fucked in the ass by a WWI zombie

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